Edinburgh Product Transfers

Here at Capital Mortgage UK we offer a free Product Transfer service for new and current clients. If your current mortgage fixed rate is coming to an end, we’re here to help!

Product Transfer Service

Some key features – 

Our product transfer service is free of charge to all new and current clients. We are able to start advising clients on their options up to 6 months ahead of the expiry of the current fixed rate period and we only need a limited amount of information and documentation from clients to be able to advise. 

With the current economic uncertainty at the moment and the rising of interest rates, it is crucial that your mortgage is looked after to ensure you are not paying more than you should be. Here at Capital Mortgage UK we look after our clients mortgages to make sure they avoid moving onto the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) which is typically far higher than the fixed rate alternative. 

The Product Transfer process is generally a simple process and we only need a limited amount of information and documentation in comparison to what we would require for a new full mortgage application. 

A Product Transfer is the process of moving your mortgage from one mortgage product to another at the end of the fixed rate period with the same lender. Depending on your current lender and your current circumstances you may look to remortgage you to an alternative lender.

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