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At Capital Mortgage UK we will help find you a tailored private medical insurance policy based on your individual needs that covers you and your family. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Private Medical Insurance

It is possible to take out private medical insurance in two different ways –

Individual/Personal Cover

This is where you would take out private medical cover yourself on a customer policy. You would take out this type of policy out if your employer does not include this as an employee benefit or you are for example self employed. Under this policy you can set this up for one or more people, meaning you can cover your family too!

Business/Company Cover

This is taken out by businesses on behalf of their employees. Businesses would take out a combined medical insurance with its employees provided their own account under the company umbrella. Employers will use this as a benefit for working with them and may do this to further attract the right people to come an work for the business as well as looking after their employees. Depending on what the business is offering to their staff, employees families may also be covered under the plan. 

We can tailor the PMI you require to your own needs. We are able to arrange cover on for individuals and also businesses. 

Why should you have Private Medical Insurance?

Since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic the NHS has been struggling meaning the wait times for GP appointments, tests and treatments have increased drastically. This works out to an average wait time just to see your GP in 2021 was 9 DAYS!! You will see a range of reasons why private medical insurance may be for you. 

PMI is a great way to protect yourself and your family ensuring you get the best possible care in the quickest possible time for a reasonable monthly cost with premiums typically calculated by age. 

For businesses this is a great way to look after your employees and their families. Offering employees benefits such as private healthcare insurance improves your proposition as you look to attract the right people for the company. Taking out PMI is more cost effective per customer when taken out under the company umbrella than having individual cover. 

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